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Day / Evening Undergraduate Program
Day / Evening Undergraduate Program
Graduate Program
Evening Graduate Program
Group of Film Production
To become professional filmmakers
Group of Film Production
To become professional filmmakers
Group of Screenwriting
To become good storytellers
Group of Film Studies
To become insightful film scholars
About the Group of Film Production
Comprehend narrative techniques and context, learn directing methods and craft principles through progressive courses, and get familiar with different professional positions by production practices.
Elective Courses
Documentary Studies / Advanced Film Production / Independent Practicum / Graduation Production and Exhibition.
Graduation Project Required to complete one film
Graduation Positions
Producer Cinematographer
Sound Recordist Art Director
Director in Feature
Documentary/Experimental Film
Future Direction & Career Development
Related to Film and Television Production
Proposal Planner, Screenwriter, Director, Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, Producer, Casting Director, Location Manager, Production Manager, Art Director, Set Decorator, Prop Master, Stylist, Costume Designer, Makeup Artist, Special Makeup Artist, Still Photographer
Related to Film and Television Technique
Director of Photography, Gaffer, Sound Recordist, Boom Operator, DIT, Production Assistant, Grip
Related to Post-production for Film and Television
Sound Designer, ADR Recordist, Foley Artist, Editor, Composer, Animator, VFX Supervisor, Colorist, Post-production Supervisor
Related to Marketing/ Distribution/ Screening/ Festival for Film and Television
Film Marketing Specialist, Film Distributor, Promotion Personnel, Projectionist, Curator, Film Festival Staff
Related to Film Theory
Film Critic, Film Researcher, Teacher, Writer, or further study
Extended Related Occupations
Copywriter, Copy Editor, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Admin Staff, Event Planner, Social Media Editor, Promotion PR Personnel, Marketing Executive, Product Manager, Salesperson, Teacher, Youtuber, Journalist, Graphic Designer, Actor/ Actress