Chi-Fang Ting
  • Film Style Analysis
  • Basic Technique in Motion Picture
  • Financing and Management
  • Digital Post-Production

Education Background : Master's degree in Image Arts and Doctor's degree in the Arts in Nihon University.

Monograph: An Introduction to Digital Film Production, A Related Research of Digital Cinemas’ technique of expression & Production, Status analysis to VFX of Taiwans’ Films, An application Study in using RAW files on Digital Film Production -An example in short film《杏歡》, The Overview of Korean Film Industry after the Decrease of Screen Quota System,A Research of Status and Development of  Taiwan Domestic Feature Films Market, The Status and Development of  Enhancing Film and Video industries in Kaohsiung City, etc..

Filmography: Short Film《再見新樂園》(New Paradise,1992)As Screenwriter & Cameraman, Short Film 《平行圓》(Parallel,2005)As Screenwriter & Director, HD  TV Documentary Film《新幹線,海を渡る》(Shinkansen, Crossing the Sea, 2006)( TV Tokyo Corporation)& HD TV Documentary Film《海を渡った新幹線~開業までの1000日を追う》(Shinkansen Crossed the Sea, the 1,000 days before Opened)( TV Tokyo Corporation,2007)as International Production Coordinator. Short Film《Overnight, a Rose》(2007)、《最高時速300km/h!台湾新幹線》(The maximum speed of 300km / h the THSRC,2007)as International Production Coordinator, PTS HD TV Documentary Film serials《國家的遠見-養不起的未來》(The Vision of a Nation, Unaffordable Future,Japan Chapter)(2008),Documentary Film《Life & Living》(2012)as Producer & Director, Features Film《戀戀海灣》(As the Winds Blow,2012)as International Production Coordinator ,Short Film《屍憶》(The Bride,2014),《搆不到的訊號》(My Antenna is Broken,2014),《牡丹》(Love You So,2015)、《紅包》(Red Envelop,2017)、《一個家庭的事》(One Body,2017)as Film Producer.

Field of research: film production, digital filming, film production management, industry and finance of film.